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Considerations for your new fencing panels?

Take a look at all our options of fencing panels and accessories today to create your perfect outdoor spaces. Our fence panels can purchased ready for your new DIY outdoor project or contact us now to get one of our  approved installers. OHI fencing products come with our protected 25-year guarantee. Get your excellent quality & value, environmentally concious fencing products today.

Quality, Security & Privacy:

The array of choices we have in stock of our fencing panel options allows you to create your own outdoor haven. Create a stylish area that is not only great to look at but allows you to create the level of privacy you need with the added benefit of securing your boundaries and increased wind protection.

Choose your Style:

Create your beautiful outdoor privacy using one of our many designs & styles: Classic designs like the Featherboard, OHI Woven with its interlinked design or our Tongue & Groove fencing panels all come in multiple choices of sizes.

Consider our contemporary designs like the Chiltern or Chelmsford.

25 Year OHI Treated Timber Guarantee

Our OHI Treated Timber Process provides the very best and guaranteed treatment for softwood preservation. Don’t buy untreated timber and end up having to replace it too soon when you can buy our OHI treated fencing products today. Remove the mess & stress of hand creosoting or trying other preservatives. The solution is our OHI Treated timber. A preserving process penetrating  right through the outer layers of the wood and into it’s very core.