OHI Self Build

Timber frame structures provide many benefits for self-builders, making them the wise choice for most self-builders. Timber Frame properties come as a kit lending themselves to endless bespoke designs, allowing self-builders to realise their vision at a calculated, understood and managed cost.

Key benefits to using a timber framed structure:

  • Allow fast on-site construction.
  • Flexible for budgets, from pre-designed kits to bespoke architect designed projects.
  • A natural and renewable resource which is importantly sustainable and low energy.
  • A historic and proven building method in the UK and throughout the world.
  • Over 85% of homes in developed countries deliver versions of timber construction.
  • Timber frame is the fastest growing construction method for domestic housing within the UK.
  • Timber frame thermal performance – superstructures can take high levels of thermal insulation, increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

OHI Self-Build Timber Frame Homes

The overall benefits of timber frames are an accepted specification standard throughout the UK. There are many different types and specifications of timber frame construction. OHI-Self Build allows you the flexibility to ensure you get the right product for your needs:

The general types of timber framed products are as follows:

1. Open panel pre-insulated timber frame system.
2. Open panel loose build framing system (stick build)
3. Closed panel pre-insulated timber frame system (more suited to developers with pre-agreed and mass-produced designs)
4. Oak framed carcass system with insulated wall infill
5. Skeleton frame with SIP panel infill
6. Pre-built Modular

The traditional system of timber framed manufacture typically comprises a prefabricated panel made up of 140mm timber studs at 600mm centres, with OSB sheathing and a reflective breather membrane.

OHI-Self Build allows for the consumer to secure a bespoke build, created and designed specifically to the requirements of the consumer. All the types of build method and product is available to our consumers to suit their needs with the panel designs and specifications adapted to suit your individual project.

The timber frame system has significant advantages for self-builders. A list of examples is below:

Speed of off-site manufacture: reduced lead times and allows for lower potential production costs.

On-site frame erection: Quick progress to get the frame watertight reducing the overall build risks and in comparison, to more traditional building methods.

Flexibility: Minimal pre-defined construction constraints, so the fabrication and specification detail of your home can be designed to your specifications without hindrances.

Lightweight: far less reliance on expensive mechanical lifting with certain methods on offer and subject to the scale of the project.

Cost efficient: more economical to manufacture and to erect, reducing total build costs.

Sustainability: raw materials are sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests, and have lower embodied carbon than other materials.

Quality: Versions of the product are either traditionally hand made in line with exacting quality procedures or produced in modern factories using precise machinery producing precise results and allowing for greater reductions in waste management.

Panelled open systems can be manually fitted with insulation on site, or the primary layer of insulation can be fitted in the factory of our professional suppliers.

Oak Frame Homes

There are several ways to incorporate our Oak products into your self-build design. A full oak frame can form the main structural element of your project. Alternatively, we are able to design your new home using features and exposed locations throughout the home to create the effect of a full Oak frame and incorporating a standard timber frame system which if budgets dictate and allow for the look and feel without some of the costs associated.

Building with a comprise and a mixture of hard wood oak members and softwood timber frame members or adding oak trusses to open and expose full height locations is another option if you want to achieve the oak frame look on a modest budget. Finally, the full Oak framed option for those wishing to achieve a truly real Oak home is at hand. Choose a budget, Choose a style and we can do the rest.

With our experienced team here to help you achieve your stunning and practical, bespoke design, we will work with our clients to deliver their vision for a stunning oak frame self-build.

If you would like to explore your options of oak framed homes or new build, for yourself contact us now on 0121 2855802 or use the live chat system to get in touch.